Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Japanese Kanji character for spring has what looks like a capital A in it, among other lines.

US clothespin=UK peg.

Solar system sometimes means this our local sun and those objects that revolve around it or another star and its revolving company.

Solar system sometimes means parts of a building that change sunlight and sun heat into other kinds of energy the people in the building can use.

Another kind of solar system includes hanging clothes out to dry. Behaving so the sun helps you solve problems that matter to you is a solar system. Walking on the sunny side of the street to stay warm is part of a solar system.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Words that are similar seeming in Latin are "ave," hello, as in Ave Maria and "avis," in various forms, bird, as in rara avis and aviation, making like a bird.

Hello, bird, flying above the avenue. You're full of grace too, reminding us that we could give graceful a try.

Dinosaurs don't have a repution for being graceful, but their decendants, smakes and birds, move gracefullly, here, now. Hail and hi that life has gone on a long time, connecting and growing.

I went to two smake races in one Saint Patricks's Day season.

One, in the Financial District, had people representing various corporations tapping behind snakes with little metal tappers to keep them going.

That race was sponsored by radio station, done to raise money for charity.

Snakes would take little note of a radio station, even one playing loud. Snakes don't have ears to scoop up shaking air, but they are very sensitive to vibrations on surfaces they are touching.

At the other snake race I went to, they played the snakes sensitivity to vibrations the other way.

"Nobody touch the table the snakes are on." About the size of a ping pong tables, divided into lanes by short clear plastic walls, it was the scene of a series of snake race heats that led to a snake race final.

The people handing the snakes set them down at the beginning of the lane and then did nothing.

So, during the course of the race, some snakes didn't move at all from where they were placed. Others moved a bit, and no more. Others moved bit by bit to the finish line or zoomed to the finish line in a few seconds. The length of a table is no distance at all for snakes to move across, if they want to.

*People at the quiet snake race, which was at the Academy of Science, could bring their own snake or use one provided by the museum. Snake people could meete each other. Non-snake people could learn to handle a snake, and feel its dryness, and then leave it alone.

Women of power like you, there are various things to do, many of which you've been trained to be unaware of. Sometimes you can't listen to your own sense of when to move because of being driven by relentless taps from the outside.

Say hi to the graceful moves you haven't made yet. Treat the air like a helpful solid and fly. Lie down, and let your belly know the earth.
It is a fine thing to have the present keep happening because different parts of the past can dance together in the present, such as near Market and Drumm, near the bay in downtown San Francisco, where on the south side of Market, facing north, is an office building with a bumpy, somewhat decorative, stone-like covering typcial of the first half of the twentieth century, facing, somewhat catty-corner across the street an office building with the sleek glass covering of the second half of the twentieth century.

When the sun shines directly on the glass building, on the north side of the street facing south, but not on the stone building, leaving the stone building's grey in shadow, the sun reflects off the glass onto the bumpy stone surgace across the street in a way that is distorted a bit by being reflecte, up and downed a bit by the bumpty stone facade, and pretty, shards of yellow light on grey.

These hard materials combine with the far-off liquid sun to make irregular shapes, like shapes produced in the soft parts of nature, like short rills of water running on the woodland floor, like the top layer of changing organic stuff ling on the humus, shapes like future humus, drying petals, broken leaves on the flat side of a downtown building, and we, rounded on the outside, sloshy within, can watch them, some days, glimmer.
Rain is inconvenient I'm glad it's raining.
If you're reading and notice an error you want to do something about, you've got to change it or mark it or write a note to yourself about it immediately. Errors found and not marked are tough to find later. I think it's one of those deals where you have to show the universe you care, fast.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Check out what's up with avocet. Find out what's going on in avocet land.

The bill's up with avocet, and the land of avocet is squishing.
This must be the "heavy at times" part.
It is important that every single sygote becomes a human being so a Christian can tell it what a horrible sinner it is.
Be porous and united like a tree. It appeals to heaven.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

One reason I wish Diana, Princess of Wales, were alive, is I'd like to learn from her causes of any given year. For someone in her kind of position, she was cutting edge--shaking ungloved hands with AIDS patients, early, campaigning against land mines, early. Land mine prevention, preventing the limb removal of civilians long after the war is "over," could still use her.
Probably too holy to turn into words, attempts to turn it into words might be inaccurate in a tricky way..
A cash register balancing itself out after checkout, earphones near me emitting tinny melodies--to me these sound like insect music.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Few other animals have attained to the skill of weaving displayed by birds," wrote W.P. Pycraft in the Nest entry of the 1956 Encyclopedia Britannica.

I hadn't thought of it like that.

Why do birds' nests hang together and contain? Birds don't nail, don't glue, don't put sticks and twigs wherever.

They make a unity that works for them by weaving. Put it here.
A singing garden knows a lot that I don't know.

A descant is a line sung higher than the melody, honoring the melody by doing loop-the-loops over it.

In a group of people who don't necessarily know each other who are singing well-known songs, like Christmas carols, sometimes people who can sing descant find each other in the air, adding to the conscious magic of the moment.

Plants are descant and bass to how we live, above and below.
Some kinds of knowing can be said in words, close enough. Other kinds of knowing can be touched only by a particular quality of silence.
Are some nebulae happier than others? Big contentment?
The rain cleaned the air, hurrah! The air has been cleaned by the rain
Moss in sidewalk cracks--it's finally raining.
The language people use when they're doing science can be precise because they severely limit what they're talking about.
As simply as possible.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

State government in the United States is corrupt. That is the statement. The book is "Fly on the Wall" by Tony Hillerman.

The form of the book is murder mystery, but what stays in the mind is not the fictional murder, but the feeling of routine, everyday self-serving creepiness in how things were decided and done.

I wanted Hillerman to write other books in that setting, but he may have felt he had said it all.
When you make a mistake in creative work, you can decide that it's not a mistake, that it is the next big thing.

Then you can slowly notice how it is the next big thing.

Even if this assumption doesn't work out, it's better exercise than reprimanding yourself. Bless everything, and keep working.
Along this particular dimension, I am better than you, I think. Therefore, I am going to construct a world in which this particular dimension is important.
The lines on a drawn Valentine heart touch each other two ways.

The lines when they are touching to make the point at the bottom of the heart are meeting and ready to go out. The lines when they meet toward the top are ready to go in. These lines together and their meetings make a space.
As quickly as you can, and also very slowly.
It starts with atoms. It starts with people touching.
God's goals are what?

God is achieving these goals how?
Creeping pointfulness--slowly, things start to make sense.
But a tub would work; you don't need something fancy.
We're. Here.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

The sky blossoms every day, and every day it blossoms differently.
"Hag" and "hedge" are words not actually related, but still. . .

The hedge is a living edge. The hag often lives near the edge between town and country. The hag often lives near the edge of different ways of knowing. The hag may help others live by not pretending life is all one way.
A small and subtly placed graffito, that I may have passed many times before, says, "Learn."

Sunday, February 01, 2009

For looks alone, the unleaning Baptistery of Pisa, which is quite close to the Leaning Tower, is up there in beauty, and is, in a way, easier to see because its image is seem much less often.

It is a medieval cylinder with a dome on top and medieval decorations. The square it is in with the cathedral and the bell tower, leaving, and the monumental cemetary is called, in Italian, either Cathedral Square or Square of the Miracles.
It could be that the task is different, that the task is to find things to approve or.
The instruments of the band I.U.D are two drums sets and a sample machine. The musicians of the band are Lizzi Bougatos and Sadie Laska. Both musicians do vocals.

They bring ideas to rehearsal with the idea that all ideas will be used.

Sadie Laska says, "We never try to edit each other. I want Liz to have complete freedom to do whatever she wants. We bring our ideas to practice and find a way to fit them in. I think this freedom always inspires great things to happen. If Liz wants to hit the drums with a sledgehammer and shout through a bullhorn, I am going to find a way to make my drums and samples work with it."

--Information and quotes from an interview with the band by Aaron Rose, a friend of theirs, in ANPQuarterly, Volume 2, Number 2, January, 2009.
"Rat-a-tat" I thought I heard. I thought it was a video game parlor. Then I saw the sign that said, "Dance Studio," and I reheard the sounds as "Tappety-tap."