Monday, May 14, 2012

The blue and yellow dragon is breaking through the red wall.  

I'm liking it because the red wall is real, and the blue and yellow (with a touch of white) dragon isn't.

It's a mural where the red wall in the mural, most of it, is a red wall that I could cross Trenton alley and touch in its redness and wallness.  Except the parts of the red wall that are breaking as the dragon rips them.  I couldn't touch them because they, like the dragon, are flat paint only.

The dragon is mostly blue, has yellow scales sticking up going up and down its spine.and is basically one diameter throughout its length, like a snake, like a Chinese dragon, not with a big bulge in its middle like a Euro-dragon.

I also like the dragon breaking the wall because its across the skinny street from two benches, so the usual mural advantage--repeated viewings are easy--is even more present.

The mural is called Dragons Gate by Wes Wong and the Lost One.