Saturday, May 30, 2009

Water seems okay with going to reunions.

Liquid water, ice, water vapor in the air all seem ready to be one of the other ways without clinging to the form they are in now, easily ready to reunite with another way of being water.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

My sitting here thinking big and little, my walking around and noodling around are part of life on Earth.

Enough time and the right distance from the Sun are part of why there's life on Earth to be in. Humming hurrah for enough time and the right distance as I walk along.
The sun is round and around and helpful. Find new ways to ask.
Digging deep into the surface of the Earth so that we can move quickly from place to place on the surface.

A change-of-pace is going deep into moments at particular places, moving from one kind of noticing to another.
You ask somebody their major, they say, and you assume, sometimes, something about their intelligence. Physics, chemistry, probably smart. Some majors don't imply vast smarts, like mine, English education. Maybe even less necessary smarts are implied by being a journalism major. Yet, when something is happening that I'm interested in, I follow the product of these folks like they are wise, and they may not even be half smart.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The cubicle's sides are fabric and mottled medium grey. The rug, look!, is slightly darker mottled grey.

My eyes are hungry, but I don't hear it that way. I want salt; I want sugar; I want coffee.

Shouldn't a corner mean a chance of change? I look in the corner of the cubicle for something to be different where the two sides meet.

The common loon is covered in dark darks and light lights. It has a dark head and dark-and-light body feathers, patterned like a chessboard twisted psychedelically. The loon flies, swims and dives without regard to laws on break time.

My eyes are our eyes. Our eyes learned about seeing while looking at the thick ground of the rainforest and the twinkling canopy.

Work flat.

Working flat tends to make the Earth flat another way. Not make it not a sphere, but make the surface less thick with life.

Wetlands are easy, in a way, to fill and rainforests to cut down. Our sphere becomes more like cubicle sides meeting at the corner and less like a common loon, soaring up and soaring down and taking its own pattern along for the ride.
Everything's alive. Why wouldn't it be?
It's a new moment, so I need to pay new attention.
Famous person's gawky child, lonely in expensive schools far from home. It's a kind of training to be a dictator. "Now I'm in charge." I'm reading a book about Indira Gandhi.
Some people have to learn to use the powerful tool that is waiting.

Others have to learn to use the powerful tool moving.

Sitting apparently still and letting the power enter through you.
They were afraid we wouldn't let them get drunk and go to war. But they still can and so can we. Vote.

Make the world more where your best imagination can happen also.
Remembering other kinds of loss. When I was little, there was a man in our church who I thought was a nice guy, likable. My parents I heard talking about him like there was something wrong with him. I asked, and they said that going to basic training had broken him and now he couldn't make any decisions at all. He had to be told what to do at all times.

His parents were getting older and were worried.

I don't know what happened in the long run.

I mean, the point of basic training is learning to follow orders, and I guess he lost everything else. He was really pleasant to be around.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In quantum physics, the little ones don't like how we're asking the question, so they're being impossible.
I remember, and then forget again. With good stuff, too. It easier to rewire my reality to make a new good fact fit than it is to make it so the new bad fits, but it's difficult either way to become a more accurate person. Reading insincere media helps in avoiding this work.
If fish out of water, make water.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Good morning, sadness of the world. What would you like of me today--participation or counter-programming?
Knowing what time it is, all the time, by the clock, can prevent knowing other kinds of time.
I have a little mucus wandering around my head, looking for trouble.

So far, it has made a small cough and a slight sniffle. I rest, sleep, drink worthy liquids, rest more. The mucus has, as yet, not flourished.
If the same work making something new can be done quietly or noisily, note that quiet creates less resistance. The new thing starting quiet can live more like a plant growing and less like a side in a war.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It needs to be holier and more direct than that.
A. S. Byatt said when she watches television it does two things. First, it depresses her, which she thinks is done on purpose. Then it tries to cheer her up with trivial chat about celebrities. And, said Byatt, there is vast oarts of life that are neither of those things.

--I heard it on Forum on the BBC world service on May 13, 2009.
Can't just pick the best fruit. Need to listen to the tree.
Body first? Soul first? Slipping into an old ocean that's new to me.
Everything is wonderful. I'm impatient. I could take charge and make things worse.
God has different interests, and has them longer.
War is sad. Many people die.
To start the day in a thorough way, saying howdy to new light and you.
Don't throw it out. Keep it until you know the alternative to throwing it out.
Time is a circle, again.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The sun is shining in moving dots through the leafy street tree. The sidewalk is twinkling.
Some monkeys were sitting around brainstorming, and they thought of cities. The other animals laughed, little knowing what a smashing idea it was.
Some beings live all the time in the canopy; others live on the ground always. So they seem to be on the same map dot, and they are, exactly the same dot, but they never meet, never know that creatures like those other ones exist.

Then we cut down the rainforest, and the map dot is simpler, more like a dot.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

When someone like me, who lives amid the grid, does less, the Earth gives a tiny sigh of relief.
The word "love" backwards in English is evolving toward "evolve."
It's like all the liquids in my body align. They kick out and start to do a Rockettes' routine, and I know you're near.-+
Where wizards try to be like those other wizards who stayed up late and changed things massively.

The Internet was first called ARPAnet after its funder, the Advanced Research Projects Agency. ARPAnet was a Pentagon project designed to help Defense Department funded programs around country, mostly at universities, talk to each other via their great big computer, the only kind of computers there were at the time--great big as in filling the basement of a university building. Computers were only owned by large entities.

ARPA, later called DARPA, D is for Defense, was a tiny agency in the Defense Department that aimed to fund truly new ideas fast and early.

"Where Wizards Stay Up Late: The Origins of the Internet" by Katie Hafner and Matthew Lyon has lots about ARPA because ARPA and it's attitude and it's ability to aim money fast and well is the origin of the Internet. A softy such as myself probably wouldn't like a lot of what ARPA funded, and they funded many things, but I surely like the Internet.

Starting more or less now, the Energy Department has ARPA-E, consciously named after and modeled after ARPA.

The idea is to fund, fast and early, energy technologies that will change everything for the better. They don't want to fund improvement--they want transformation. A sample of what they want in the way of change, long term, is they say you might state in your request for funding, how many million barrels of oil your technology will save per year when it's widely used, compared to a base year in the 1990's.

ARPA-E people do not want to fund technologies to that point--to the point of widespread use. They don't even want to fund demonstration projects. They are all about early.

They offer two kinds of funding, early and late, both of which are pretty early. Early funding aims to help you get your very new technology to the point where knowledgeable people can understand that it works and is good. Late funding aims to get a technology that is further along in development to the point that knowledgeable people with money will want to star making it be a product now.

ARPA-FOA rah, rah, rah. FOA means Funding Opportunity Annoucement and they have one for people to start applying between May 12, 2009 and June 2, 2009. Search Google for ARPA-FOA and look for the PDF file high on the list and there it is in all its forty-seven page glory.

Not kidding. I have low expectations of technical writing and government writing, and I was moved by this and interested almost all the way through.

Can they do it? Can $150 million spread in mostly $3 million to $5 million bits find the right places to be and help us to seriously get out of this mess?

That would be some forty-seven page poem if it work. Pray for peace by praying for ARPA-FOA, round one, to be an amazing success. May good intentions and smarts have also good luck and find the right wizards who have been staying up late and long working for energy and can now get a wise push from the government.