Saturday, May 31, 2008

*Inside subtle, there is room to move without tripping over other people's fears.
* If I read "Aurora Leigh," then I could say, "I've read 'Aurora Leigh.'"

I don't know what the other effects would be. "Aurora Leigh" is a book-length poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. It was released at a time when many people's hearts leapt up at the thought of reading a book-length poem by a well-known poet. For such people, "Aurora Leigh" lived up to expectations; they liked it a lot.

Now it is vastly unread. Aurora means dawn; maybe it'll shed new light.
* Working all the time decreases the quality of output, but I'm too busy to notice.

Pause. It is during a substantial pause that I am most likely to realize that I'm not getting the right answer because I'm not asking the right question.

A kind and stunning pause will give the new question and right answer at the same time. Then I've moved to a different world.

Working all the time keeps things samey.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Actual thrones look impressive and uncomfortable.
Pervasive healing. Pervasive healing permeating daily days.

You're there.
If you let awkwardness be and don't try to stop it, you give real grace more room to move.
Fast food. When I tired, I can feel like it's comfort food. When I'm feeling good, it doesn't seem like any kind of food at all.
The commandment from the top part of the planet where we live is slosh around.
The ghosts don't like how dumb this war is.
Bessemer steel. Bible. Things we do: Make holy books. Make objects.
It seems like nothing is happening. Maybe I should be annoying.
The Pacific Ocean is now changing shape. The Pacific Ocean is now changing shape.

I cannot be rigid and live on this planet that made me.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

* If my tunny were more spacious and less terrified. . .

Be new world, then build new world.
* War is heavy-handed. Working against war tends to be also heavy-handed. Lightly changing lightly eludes those locked in opposition.
* The door gleams gold amid the green, unseen while movinbg fast.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Welding and listening, knots, sewing, quilting bring things together.
Much perkiness is bluster. Inside, someone's scared.
When I think of Sappho, I think of seeing clearly in clear air. Sappho's poetry is made of seeing clearly in clear air.
"My dog is Sandy. I rescued Sandy because my cardiologist said, 'You're getting a dog, and I'm not taking "no" for an answer.'"
--bus voice.
Good intentions can act like alcohol and give people confidence far beyond their competence.
Oh, look. More scary ephemera to distract me.

Monday, May 19, 2008

* The pictures do not show unicorns in herds or even groups.
* Why haven't there been any great women writers, artists?

Why haven't there been as many great women art makers as one might like?

Marcel Proust, in "Remembrance of Things Past," was willing to make himself look bad. He was willing to write about the character Marcel in a way that made him look like a real creep sometimes.

The vibe of the writing is that he didn't care either way about making himself look bad. He wanted to be accurate.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Shakespeare's birthday is April 23, it's often said. We don't know when Shakespeare was born, but when he was christened--that's what got written down back then, at the church. The makers of traditions took the known christening date and guessed at the birth date.

England's national saint, Saint George, his day April 23.
Parlay vous? Parle in many languages is talk. Parliament is where people talk, warliament is where they fight. People who want to be important and intense--it's better to use them and let them make themselves important and noticed by talking, not scheming to kill.
She likes accuracy and lives on planet Earth among humans.
In his spare time, he's a human being.
San Francisco, share with me your rare heat. . .
Everything's fine already.
Look for fine facts, and spread them about to keep people's hearts stepping high.

Dutifully, she

Dutifully, she follows

Dutifully, she follows somebody else's rules

Dutifully, she follows somebody else's rules to her doom.
Across a hopeful city. . .

Friday, May 16, 2008

All these hills are at my feet, so all I need to do to exercise more is walk a little faster.
I like your hands.
Non-verbal is such a clunky word to cover bird trills and healing touches.
A problem could be something you think about frequently and the theme of you're thinking is "I want this to be different."

The next seven problems you think about a lot, treat one like this:

Think of joke solutions.

Think of solutions that include the large body of water closest to you. (Rivers are excellent.)

Think of solutions involving great beauty.

Don't think in terms of these solutions working in this universe we share. Focussing on things that are like solutions but aren't expected to work may reduce stress. It may lead to waking up thinking, "Sew the buttons on differently!" and that's the solutions really.
[Added "When I'm" at the beginning.]
** When I'm eating fret stew, I am not calm or accurate.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

* Writers of plays in Shakespeare's time didn't call themselves playwrights. They called themselves poets.

Shakespeare mostly wrote his plays in poetry. Mostly, but not entirely.

At the beginning of "As You Like It," all the characters speak prose, including Rosalind and Orlando, who haven't met yet.

A little bit after Rosalind and Orlando meet, they and everyone else start speaking in poetry.

--Poet/playwright information from Andrew Gurr in his book "The Shakespeaean Stage, 1574-164"
*Guessing and intuition are different for me.

When I guess, I put together a few surface mind manuevers and a few apparant facts, and build a skinny bridge in the unknown.

Intuition rises from the deep. It puts together more parts of reality than I am consciously capable of noticing and offers an insight I often can't fully understand when I first get it.

Guess and intuition can both be wrong. Intuition can be right in a much larger way than guess can be right, bigger than than hat or my hopes.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Earth is made of layers going down, and therefore, you. . .

It's okay that you're not simple.