Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The flowers have the feeling of having been drawn by someone who's been drawing flowers since able to get  fingers around crayon, who connects with flowers in their good-looking sexiness and wisdom.

I'm liking the dresses in the windows of Desigual at Ellis and Powell (a block above the cable car turnaround.)

They are drawn with lust and love and real botanical life detail. They are big--half to two-thirds the width of the dress fronts.

The flowers are resting fertilely on the  belly or softly on the breasts.  The dresses are simply cut and look to be made of fabric like t-shirt fabric only thick and of higher quality.  They look comfortable to wear.

The flowers are making me think of a brilliant intellectual woman giving a brilliant intellectual presentation wearing one of these dresses.

If freer to celebrate fertility in clothes, then freer to be fertile in all ways.  Freer to imagine about things we want to imagine in a  style that is comfy for our body minds.

Repititious patterms of stylized, simplified sma;;flowers were common around here when it was common for all women to spend lots of time doing repititious small tasks.

Big task are now more available.  We need to be open and fertile in new ways and old.   Any give flower in new and old at once, like we need to be now.