Thursday, February 26, 2009

Words that are similar seeming in Latin are "ave," hello, as in Ave Maria and "avis," in various forms, bird, as in rara avis and aviation, making like a bird.

Hello, bird, flying above the avenue. You're full of grace too, reminding us that we could give graceful a try.

Dinosaurs don't have a repution for being graceful, but their decendants, smakes and birds, move gracefullly, here, now. Hail and hi that life has gone on a long time, connecting and growing.

I went to two smake races in one Saint Patricks's Day season.

One, in the Financial District, had people representing various corporations tapping behind snakes with little metal tappers to keep them going.

That race was sponsored by radio station, done to raise money for charity.

Snakes would take little note of a radio station, even one playing loud. Snakes don't have ears to scoop up shaking air, but they are very sensitive to vibrations on surfaces they are touching.

At the other snake race I went to, they played the snakes sensitivity to vibrations the other way.

"Nobody touch the table the snakes are on." About the size of a ping pong tables, divided into lanes by short clear plastic walls, it was the scene of a series of snake race heats that led to a snake race final.

The people handing the snakes set them down at the beginning of the lane and then did nothing.

So, during the course of the race, some snakes didn't move at all from where they were placed. Others moved a bit, and no more. Others moved bit by bit to the finish line or zoomed to the finish line in a few seconds. The length of a table is no distance at all for snakes to move across, if they want to.

*People at the quiet snake race, which was at the Academy of Science, could bring their own snake or use one provided by the museum. Snake people could meete each other. Non-snake people could learn to handle a snake, and feel its dryness, and then leave it alone.

Women of power like you, there are various things to do, many of which you've been trained to be unaware of. Sometimes you can't listen to your own sense of when to move because of being driven by relentless taps from the outside.

Say hi to the graceful moves you haven't made yet. Treat the air like a helpful solid and fly. Lie down, and let your belly know the earth.