Thursday, October 29, 2009

I wonder what it would be like to be smart. I wonder what it would be like to be in the presence of an intelligence all-arounder--as opposed to "I'll go along with this, and think as true as I can about that."

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The way this dictionary is set up, the illustration for compass card is next to the defintion of compassion.

A compass card has a lot of potential for looking good, and this one does. Long skinny triangles meet with what would be their flat end creating a circle in the middle. Their pointy ends go out from the circle toward SSE, NNW and all the gang. Aspirations to compassion lack such pretty and precise directions.
Gravity and water work together to create much of the look and feel of planet Earth.
Someone who talks like everyday people talk.
Upon reflection, the trees look good. The trees look good upside down on the surface of the water. They don't even have to be upside down, they just have to take part in reflection, and they get the benefit of everything the same and everything different.
Sometimes the people who invent things and the people who find out what things are for are different people.

Early on the violin was much used for animal sound imitations. It still is, of course, usually by accident in the learning process. When the violin was new, no one knew how good it could sound.
Someone who has been deeply wounded must be deeply healed.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What is the nature of reality? Why do I want to know?
The dead may be holy. They dress simply.
When folks say they have no choice but to do action X, that usually means they think action X is not a great idea.

They think the alternatives are much worse. Sometimes the alternatives they imagine invovle themselves and others being physically hurt or killed. Sometimes the alternatives they imagine involve themselves looking stupid or weak, in their own opinion.

Those get mooshed together often, like looking stupid and people getting killed are both very bad things. You can't say it out like that. You don't have to because when people say they have no choice but to do action X, they are often moving very quickly, because about speed, they also have no choice. No time to think of really other choices, or imagine how bad it would be for how long to look kind of stupid or kind of weak and how bad the consequences of action X might be for how long.

Usually the consequences of not doing action X are viewed with maximal pessimism and the consequences of doing action X are viewed with maximal optimism.

Later, if taking action X works out medium badly for a long time, will the "I had not choice" idea look stupid, or maybe even viscious to people who live inside the hangover.
I twist myself into a pretzel to believe the story, the official story of some group I like, to stay inside a "we" I want. Not much nutritional value.
Thank you for the beauty so far.
I might have to cry for a hundred thousand years. Or maybe an accurate laugh would do some of the same work.
Another Elizabeth Taylor was a novelist. She wrote a book called "Blaming." Such a fine title, as blaming can run so many plots that are strong, persistant, and no fun to be in. I'm going to hang with the title for a bit before I read the book.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The man with the large paunch and the skin that loooks like it doesn't get ouside much is standing near the hospital wearing high quality clothes and a stethoscope.
Plants know, you know.
If you pause at varying intervals a lot, it makes the pattern less discernible
How calmly we win, we win, we win. How smugly we think.

Eco- means home.

Echo implies that things don't just happen at the moment they first happen, but go on.

Our resonance hums home into being wise echoes of heart. Heart sounds move toward the the whole thing being home, not one place at the cost of another.
Go for faster, if faster would be different, and slower if slower is the change.
While I'm thinking about this problem, what is the part I am skittering away from?
There are times to gracefully go with gravity, to get down with the best combination of speed and gentleness currently available.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Death before dishonor," and then you have a really broad definition of dishonor. You get to miss some important work you were supposed to do in your later years, almost like being lazy.
We are boring, in the middle, regular. We benefit from harm but do none.
All that room inside a minute, all those seconds, hundredths of a second. All those nanoseconds, and here comes another minute, moving and spacious.
Lucky. Blessed. Whatever it is, yes.
Don't go to important places or announced events. Learn from everything else.
The most likely person to scare me is me. I know how it's done.
We touch in the cloud.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Looking at how things are set up, it looks like God likes imperfection and things changing all the time. Many of God's fans aspire to perfection and things remaining the same.
Appropriate levels of shielding. Appropriate times of shielding.

Appropriate times to drop shielding and be protected on by cloth and "Howdy."
It feels warm and cozy in here to me. Who is excluded by the very nature of the warmth?
That about which I don't know much still exists in detail. My knowledge is often vague; reality isn't.
Catterpillar, pupa, butterfly, this entity might feel at times confused.
How about human beings? What do you think?

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Nothing pointed in any direction at all. Something round.
I know almost nothing about this, and of what I know, ninety-seven per cent is wrong.
The clock's opinion of what time it is is within a few minutes of the radio's opinion of what time it is. The sun burns on, quickly and for a long time.
Living on the edge between where people are frequent and people are fewer, you can hear the roots grow and maybe calm us down.
In order to understand your various facets, you need to first understand that you're a jewel.
That which has been there the whole time but hasn't been noticed yet is a huge resource.
It's always a home game.

When she was a civil engineering student, she had a job monitoring a land fill site. As a result of that experience, when she takes any object into her life, she thinks in terms of her long-term relationship with that object.

"Throw it away." There's no away.
The Big Bang afterparty coninues and includes a variety of nooks and expanses where we can feel the music.


Turn off the power, and let the wiring wash away.


Walk away from the wiring.


Say to the new, "How do you do whatever it is that needs to be done now.
Here comes holiness, and holiness feels good.