Wednesday, March 17, 2010

[corrected the name of the cross street to Hillway. Added which side of the street it's on, Golden Gate Park side, in line marked] A flag that was yellowish beige and a blue a bit on the light side that was toned down with grey would be a mild-mannered flag, and rather pretty.

Some painting on the side of the building at Hillway and Parnassus, looks like different versions of a flag like that, rectangles of slightly different blues and beiges painted next to each other on the existing paint, which is beige without yellow and worn and fairly dirty stucco.

The building is now that pale and yet dirty beige with the windows trimmed in dark brown. I think they're looking at a yellowish beige, light grey blue repaint, which shows promise of being a big improvement.

The building is part of UCSF (blue and yellow are University of California colors, but dark blue and yellow yellow. It's at the end of the UCSF campus that is toward the Haight rather than the end toward the ocean--the east end, on the side of the *street toward Golden Gate Park.

If humans had flags that were a little big more like the restful bedsheet colors, would we be a little bit less warlike?