Monday, March 01, 2010

Retaining walls 22nd Street and Church, two walls that meet right at the corner, under a lot with a house on it, are painted, over all, reddish brown, color of lives.

Flying against the reddish brown background are butterflies painted as tall as a toddler. There are around them some proportionately large plants for them to like and feed on.

The J-Church is in the tunnels when it's downtown, and after it comes out of the downtown tunnel it is mostly on its tracks running on the streets with cars.

Between 18th Street and 22nd Street the J-Church is in its own track space, not on the street. First next to the green lawns Dolores Park, then between backyards of homes.

As the J-Church turns away from the personal taste in planting backyards and the folky geometry of San Francisco outdoor back-of-the-house wooden staircases, it comes upon the butterfies on their walls, still and waving.