Thursday, February 18, 2010

On a wide sidewalk that I walk on almost daily, off to the side near the curb, I've noticed five bricks lying haphazardly near each other.

The bricks are flatter and wider that the average brick, perhaps intended for paving. They've been lying there for at least one trip through the moon's phases, maybe more.

This morning, they are up and at 'em.

Someone has made them be a bit of Stonehenge. Three standing on end, two laid across those three, and suddenly I'm looking down and seeing part of Stonehenge as I've seen it in aerial photographs. I'm thinking around the curve of the globe and back in time. However, those folks back then over there moved the Stonehenge stones and decided where to place them, it was awesome that they could and typically human that they wanted to.

Someone at play, yesterday or early today, helps me wake up bigger.