Monday, March 01, 2010

At the size at which our animal eyes can see, much of what's going on between living beigns involves sex.

At the size that is too small for our animal eyes to see, much of what is going on between bits of matter is trying to even out electrical charges.

Around here there is an idea that a good way for us human animals made of bits of matter to learn things is by sitting still. I think the originators of that idea were thinking of some other universe.

I heard an American teacher who had visited schools in Japan say that in the lower grades with the younger kids, the Japanese teachers had much more tolerance for noise and movement that U.S. teachers usually do. What the Japanese teachers see and hear as evidence that the kids are engaged, United States teachers would tend to experience as a bad kind of chaos.

Chaos can mean a jumble that is about to be pointless or is pointless. Chaos can mean a jumble that is about to be dangerous or is dangerous.

Chaos can mean a process that makes patterns that our animals minds can't predict but that our animal eyes can see as beautiful. I'll help you with your gorgeous chaos. You help me with mine.