Wednesday, March 17, 2010

**[added "Every life experience we have. . . in paragraph marked with asterisk ]"Fracking" is a word that falls trippingly off the tongue as a substitute for "fucking," and for occasions when "fucking" means harm and making damage, the meaning of "fracking" fits, too.

Fracking is a way of getting natural gas out of shale. Financial Times' Sheila McNulty describes it thus, ( 3/8/10): "The process involves drilling down for up to 20,000 feet and sideways for up to 4,500 feet. Water and find sand are pumped through at pressure, fracturing the shaled and leaving the grains propping up the rock so the gas escapes."

Pretty fracking intense. Some worry that it will hurt the ground water. It's been happening in wide-open, boom-mentality places like Alberta, and now the frackers want to do it in many more places, many of them close to where lots of people live.

I think I find it hard to wrote about nuclear power production and nuclear weapons because what I don't like about them, at the deepest level, is not bad stuff they can do to humans and other living beings. It's that I feel, in my hard minerals bones, we should not do that to matter.

*Matter has been so very generous to us, and still is. Enclosing our souls, maybe, or spirits. Or maybe we have no souls and spirits but matter enables to feel that we do. Every life experience we have is a gift from matter.

We shouldn't torture matter apart, as we do in nuclear activity. I see the mushroom cloud as matter's agony and we shouldn't do it.

That is how fracking feels to me. Wrong because mean on some basic level where we shouldn't be mean to our mother, mater, matter.

Nuclear is nuclear, fracking is simpler mechanical bullying--really different process as science and technology are taught. I think they are, on one level, the same kind of offense, which I feel in my body, below t he smarts of my head, below being the local person I am, below being a mammal--down at the level where I am matter.