Sunday, October 29, 2006

Purple fake cobwebs for Halloween all over the green bushes on either side of the steps up to the house.

Purple and green looked great. Do they always look great together or just when the green is living?

On the edge of the steps going up, a pumpkin, then a potted plant with yellow flowers blooming, a pumpkin, yellow flowers, pumpkin up to the door.

A friend of mine, for her the point of walks in town is to see what people are doing with their houses. Not so much paint jobs as what's setting in the window, what's in the yard, how do the curtains look from outside.

She grew up in wartime Europe. She's good at setting up a situation for pleasant times, fast and directly, and then having the pleasant times go on as long as they want. She likes to see how she could walk home and make home better now.

Wars I've been around for are proposed in terms of generosity. No one says let's spend billions to shatter someone's pots and plants and kids.