Monday, October 23, 2006

I met a woman who was the head of the Bay Area branch of a big non-profit. She was good at it. Believed in the cause, made events happen, went for little changes now and big changes eventually both.

One time she told me, in passing, that sometimes she got what seemed to her a good idea but she figured if it was a good idea somebody would have already acted on it. So if it seemed good but wasn't visibly happening that she knew of, she figured it was really not a good idea, and she did nothing about it.

That was painful to here. She had experience in doing the things that make ideas real. She knew that you can decide there will be an event that never happened before on December 1 or whenever, talk it up, print flyers, interest people and then there's an event.

That's why ideas went after her. But she wouldn't listen