Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The insight of the Bauhaus movement in architecture and design is strip the details. The insight of the hippie movement in living is add more details. Many people who grew up to be hippies were schooled in schools influenced by Bauhaus, rectangular boxes, no detail.

Then when they could choose they chose peasant skirts with busy patterns, paisley, madras, tie die with somewhat randomly chosen details.

And LSD, which for some people at some times, makes the details fall open and unfold seen before turns out to be wrong because insufficiently detailed.

Even now on Haight Street, a street for women to by clothes on, the clothes sold are heavier on details than the clothes in the general culture. Haight Street is not the best place to seek solid blues and blacks oft worn by women with power, by women with more power than women usually had in the hippie days.

Two storefronts devoted to one store of openly junky, plastic jewelry filled with silly overdone details. Many old clothes stores with clothes from times when clothes for women were less solid in their presentation and had more details. Store after store years later help women look not like a Bauhaus simplified building but like a Victorian house with many wooden details that the Victorians would have painted white or light grey that people in hippie times started to paint many colors. A woman shopping for clothes on Haight Street can get a look like that, which she probably won't were to her job as a judge.