Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The yes of flowers. The yes of affection words. The yes of the right kind of cookies.

A barrier sometimes around here between men and women romantically linked is that the women don't perceive the way the guys are saying affection. Right away, I sort of made part of the barrier by using the word romantically, a word guyey guys will not feel comfortable with.

I haven't romantically (there it is again) involved with guys, which might make my head slightly clearer, but I can be slow on the uptake. Whenever I drop by my buddy's house, he's got the kind of cookies I like a lot. He gets them out really fast. He notices web stuff in my areas of interest and downloads in the show me.

This means he likes me and he's really putting effort into it. I have to translate it into words like that and say those words to myself to really get it. Otherwise, I can fall into some kind of "isn't it lovely that life is falling together well today" without noticing that's it's his place that it's falling together at and his effort and thought and noticing me that makes it happen.

So in romances, women can keep wanting flowers and "I love you" and keep not noticing what they are getting.