Monday, May 01, 2006

In the old days, people used to go out very early on May Day when it was still dark and gather greens and flowers from the outdoors and decorate the village. It was more okay then than at other times to touch sexually also. Early May Day activity was beloved by young people in small villages.

When I was a kid in Cincinnati, a couple of old women would put flowers on the doorsteps of friends and relatives very early in the morning on May Day, because that's what you do on May Day as far as they were concerned. The idea was that it was anonymous, that was the tradition, but with only two people we knew doing it, it wasn't that anonymously. They had German names, like many people in Cincinnati, and probably were bringing some German village wisdom to my family's porch when they left flowers.

So one tradition is giiving the people a break on May Day--get up early and get it on, kids. Today we look the other way and thank for the flowers you bring back.

The people marching to give themselves a break on May Day, that's a big tradition to. Work and flowers, bread and roses. The people rise so make room for themselves. Rising, marching is a hassle that makes room for non-hassled activities at another time, like giving people flowers.

Originally, in the way old days, people went out in the morning dark to the woods in the early spring to make love to remind Nature to be fertile. Come on back from winter, they reminded the Earth with their bodies.

Nothing is as fertile among humans as every body having a right to live in fairness. Nothing as fertile to life being interesting and going on as people having the rights, the food, the space to grow into the flowers they were destined to be.

When we're each blooming our own particular way, we're interesting to look at and often produce cool stuff that helps and entertains others. May Day is a call for help at sea. If we give each other the space of fairness to be our beauty, we're less likely to need desperate help from each other and more likely to be able to give each other the easier, earlier help that comes from relaxation and generosity.0