Wednesday, December 21, 2005

O frabjous day! My overhead lightbulb burned out when I turned it on at 7:30 this morning. Pretty cool, to start the solstice, the shortest day, the longest night with a burnt out light bulb. Makes it feel like I'm there with the larger program. Or the larger program is there with me.

It wasn't my bedside light that burned out, considerately enough, as that would have been more inconvenient. Rather it was the light above, directly over the unabridged dictionary of the English language.

Perhaps the message is that really big days, like the day when the light, from our short human perspective, turns around, aren't about words. Big days, nature-based big days, may be about being here and noticing what happens and letting it happen through me, if that's what it wants.

Charles Dickens wrote lots of sentences, and the best one was, "God bless us every one."