Saturday, December 17, 2005

I can't believe that BART police are still tall men after all these years.

Other police departments, notably the San Francisco Police Department, have changed around height so women and minorities--and shorter white men--can get in.

I'm a shade under 6 feet tall, and BART police keep being as tall as or taller than me, so odd.

Also odd is the number of women--very few.

So I pass a couple of BART police (men) standing still by a BART station pillar as they wait to catch fare evaders, which must be a huge proportion of their work. They loom above me.

I take the elevator out of the BART station and there are a couple of San Francisco police, a little shorter than me, ready to take on anything--shoot-outs, traffic wrecks, domestic violence--uner six feet, trained, experienced and up to the job.

And people who catch fare evaders have to be tall.

It looks like a decent job for someone to have. BART is a government agency. Something is amiss. This decent job doesn't look very available to the vast, talented under-six-foot group.