Monday, December 19, 2005

"A Tale of Two Cities" by Charles Dickens is divided into three books, which are called Recalled to Life, The Golden Thread, and The Track of the Storm.

Any one of those would make a good name for a band or a good t-shirt for a casually dressed healer.

In the movie "Resurrection," Ellen Burstyn plays a healer, someone who can physically heal sick people.

In one scene, she heals a person by holding on tight as the person goes through some intense difficulty--pain plus. You can see the healer's innate powers and persistence turning the track of the storm into the golden thread which holds us together and keeps us here.

The healer had been just your basic good suburban human being living a good domestic life until she got very sick and almost died. Medically, she did die, in fact, and had that near death vision of almost getting to a really great place and then coming back to good old, non-fabulous here.

When she gets back, she can heal people directly, by touching them. She does heal people. She refuses to give a brand name to her power, which upsets some people. It upsets some people a lot that she won't say "the fact that I can heal people shows that your theories about reality are true."

It isn't easy, but she finds a way to keep on healing, keep on holding on, keep on giving the golden thread another way in.