Thursday, April 23, 2009

On very early email program was called elm, for electronic mail, and because the early computer designers dreamed of saving trees by having people communicate while not smashing trees to do so.

A successor to elm was pine, named for a tree for the same reason.

When I first heard this, I hahed an inner "hah!" because it seemed like with wild printing out of this and that, computers were not saving paper and therefore trees.

However, now.

People are communicating in written form in ways that didn't exist before that often do not turn into paper. From one head and heart to another head-heart set without paper in between. Sort of saving trees although it's not so clear because the ways of communicating didn't exist before mass computers.

And newspapers, as paper based businesses are in trouble. Some are dead, and using less paper, less trees. I'm supposed to pine about that for some old days or another, but I don't know.