Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Soft and colorful?

Pensees, French for thoughts, is a relative of pensive and pansies. Flowers can cause different thoughts. The French are good at combining style and substance because they care a lot about both. Flowers combine great style with keeping-the-life-system- alive substance.

I've been enjoying walking through the park, enjoying walking through the grass that has in it small white flowers with heads about the size of a penny, structured like daisies only with proportionally skinnier petals and more petals.

Liking that, kind of used to it, I then didn't go exactly there for a few days and whoosh, the white little flowers have among themselves even littler blue-purple flowers, their heads about a third the size of the white flowers and set up kind of like pansies.

The green, white and bonus purple said to me, "Spring!" and I sprang, and now I'm someplace else.