Monday, April 13, 2009

In the mountains, we are praying.

In the valleys, we are praying.

Walking along in the flatlands, we are praying.

A little house in a tree in the wetlands of Lake Rosca in Romania in the delta of the Danube is there for watching pelicans. Lake Rosca has the most pelicans in Europe.

Pelicans store fish in the pouches of their bills to eat later, or to feed the kids. Moms put their fills down next to their breasts and open the bills so the babies can eat fish.

Watching that happen from afar, some humans thought the pelican mother wounded herself and fed her young blood from her own breast. Earth can feel us as easy as stored pelican pouch fish, but we've gotten into the habit of bleeding her to eat.

High and low, we are praying for the wisdom and restraint to take it easy.

--I saw a picture of a pelican-watching tree house above still water in early morning light in the March 2002 "National Geographic" magazine on a page that said, in reference to Lake Rosca being in a United Nations declared Biosphere Reserve, "A Haven to Cherish."