Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I didn't realize before about thinking with breasts, that that's partly how we think.

In pictures of womem and statues made in Crete long ago in Minoan times, the women have a different relationship with their shoulders. They fully inhabit them.

The usual shoulder hunch of women may be to protect the breasts, protect the breasts as thinkers. Hunching shows a natural desire to not get hit right in the deep, natural processes.

"Think," "ideas,"--some people feel these words have nothing to do with anything they do. Sometimes maybe that could be from an inaccurate sense of inferiority.

Sometimes, it's accurate. People use their own local aliveness, the body soul they inhabit, to know. What they know they then act on to affect areas outside their body soul.

However, for some people "thinking" and "ideas" as usually used are too arid and too crammed into one part of the body to feel like an accurate description of what they do.

The woman who wrote the book "Radical Spirits" about nineteenth century spiritualism taught me that disdain and laughter can be signs of where women's power is. Follow the laughter, there is the power.