Saturday, January 12, 2008

I may be entering a period of picking up my email at

When I chose the address I partly wanted an address that wasn't guessable and partly wanted it to stand for women's multiversity, where women feel comfortable knowing in all the different ways they know.

Used to be women's camp up in the Sierras, attended by lots of women from the bay areas, college educated and more, heady, non-profitesque, liberal. Also by women from around there, who were more down to earth. Even if they had all the characteristics of the Bay Area women, they were more down-to-earth from living there.

Once when I was working to partly pay, I was doing opening day parking direction with a woman from the neighborhood. She had left her husband who hit her and insulted her. Almost everyone she knew disagree with her doing that, including her mother.

But that wasn't why she was there. She'd left him, she knew that was right, go on.

She came to women's camp because she wanted to have complete conversation about being psychic. She wanted to be able to complete the sentence, complete the story. when she talked about knowing non-standard things in non-standard ways. Not have people go all sick-looking or angry on her.

I said, "You've come to the right place." She said, "I know."

At that time my psychic knowings were pretty wispy. I knew they were there and correct but I had a hard time telling them from my own inner static and hopes.
So I wasnt the right person really to have the conversation she wanted, though I did the door thing by knowing what she meant and being matter of fact and welcoming.

Just to not be shut up when talking about important things is an education in itself. To not be imprisoned in some stranger's strange idea of what's important is like we can breathe the oxygen that was in our air all the time.