Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The trash can gave me a Mondrian poster. Piet Mondrian, the grid guy.

An irregular grid of thick black lines. The spaces inside the lines filled with often white, sometimes with black, most noticeably with strong colors--red, blue, yellow.

It can feel like old stained glass. A black outline is a good way to present bright colors.

Mondrian says a believable yes to grids and to things in general with his deep and skilled joie de grid.

Looking at the poster daily now, I'm thinking it's hard for me to feel his joy because I've seen so many office buildings with grid exposed and joy not evident. I've seen lots more of them than Mondrian did. He could see what grids could be at their best partly because he hadn't been inundated with the failure of potential.

If I keep looking at this poster and its power, maybe i can see with more joy the buildings I have to see anyway. I have primary color like things within me--maybe I can wake myself up and bring them to the many grids around me.