Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Physics folk wonder what is the smaller bit that everything is made of. Maybe it's strings, say the string theory gang. A true understanding of what strings are in this context would be available only to math smart physics bright people.

The math around string theory is beautiful and fascinating to those who can understand it.

However, it keeps being not proven by external reality. The physics game in the past has been the theory needs to be proved by real things.

String theory fans say, just wait; proof will come.

Unfans of string theory say, it's taking too long; you are, though enjoying yourselves, wasting your time.

At least the string theory folk aren't dreaming up new weapons.

Maybe the universe is saying in its way that the breakthrough that physicists of the tiny made to create atomic and nuclear weapons wasn't a great move. So the universe has sent some of them off to a corner to do something that they enjoy that doesn't touch the real world. In terms of the common good, not touching beats the touch of death.