Thursday, June 01, 2006

Beauty can be very encouraging.

Waiting for the 14, or maybe the 49, the child being held by her father looked beautiful. That was partly because of her features, and mostly because she was being heard.

She was talking slowly, like someone who hasn't know how to talk all that long and who is really thinking about what she's saying, word by word. No one was rushing her. She had a lot of room to figure out what she was saying, whether what she was saying was what adults are trained to think of as important or was conventionally unimportant.

She stared into the middle distance in her father's arms and looked beautiful. I couldn't see her father's face, but I felt that he looked attentive, quiet, open, and gorgeous.

***He was making room for her, as much as she needed to speak and think. She was making room for him to know what mattered to her as it mattered.

Beauty can happen as people make room for each other. Also beauty can happen as things synch in other ways--what I see is just what I need to see, the sound goes to the foundation and makes it stronger.

Synching can be gorgeous because it makes it real that this whole thing can work kindly because it is, right now.

Beauty, the idea of beauty, can be used to make a false shortage. Real beauty of the deep match can happen an unlimited number of times. When people make and believe rules about beauty being a certain look, and that only, it creates a shortage that pushes everyone in the direction of being cranky.

Like the person who doesn't have that look is being invited to think of being a doomed loser. The person who does have that look is all the time meeting people who cannot experience the "beautiful" person's talents, life history, current wants and needs, nothing. Because people who have fallen for the narrow idea of beauty and see someone who seems to have it, that's all they can see, not an actual, and, as per usual, complex human.

Which makes fake narrow definition "Beauty" lonely making for one and all. Meanwhile, all the time, people places and things are synching and making room for each other in ways never dreamed of, making the world more spacious.

That can be very encouraging. It can give people the courage to actually be themselves and not try to fit some narrow rules. They feel better, help everybody else more. Encouraging