Saturday, April 08, 2006

We the humans plot ways to drive other humans apart, to drive things and animals and plants apart.

The universe plots ways to pull us together, ways that may not fit our ideas about how things happen or what our individual lives are about. It might be magnetism from a star that has a whole other way of looking at things that enters to make people feel each others attraction.

We can't after all say that the Earth way of looking at things must remain the complete set of ways of looking at things. The limitations are obvious, in daily ouches large and small. So if some whole other part of the universe we're not used to says in a strong way 'connect' it's as strange as it is strong. At first. Until we are changed a bit to fit the world it has in mind. Then it's not so strange, and the world as it is starts to look a little stranger. So the work begins, and the subtle party.