Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Okay, I'm on the same planet with this person, and that feels good.

I'm on the same planet with all the people now alive, and ever changing group, and that feels. . .
good, I think...

If I really stop to feel the prescence of all the folks, it feels good to be here with us.

Rumors about people from newspapers make the globe group feel scary, but daily being with who I'm daily with on streets and busses and opening to feel the people all over, it feels right. It's the right group for now. (Changing always, as people live and die.)

Once I had a McJob doing telephone surveys, calling people all over the US to ask how their cell phone service was, or how much of the magazine they subscribed to they had read this month. When my friends in Berkeley asked how that job was, I said the most interesting thing about it was to learn that the media was exactly as accurate about people who live in the middle of the country as it is about people who lived in Berkeley.

This always produced a shocked look in my listener because I meant of course that every single thing said and especially implied about people in the middle of the country was a lie. Talking with people I got they were good, were smart, were solid, glad to by hanging through history with them. I never did political surveys, so I didn't get how much I disagreed with some of these folks about stuff I think is so very important, but chat, even structured, written by someone else chat, can reveal heart, and there are a lot of good hearts around.

Here we all are. I can't say we're all good, but we're a ton better than the process of being well-informed would lead one to believe.