Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I knew a guy who when he was up for the draft for World War II showed up at the draft place and didn't want to go. He didn't say much or do anything untoward. He was just there and he really didn't want to go.

They didn't want him around, and gave him some kind of exemption, and he didn't go. I bet practice in being clear and firm inside yourself about your own truth would help with that.

I knew a guy who during the Vietnam draft went to the draft place and when they asked for a urine sample, he drank his urine. They called him crazy and let him go. He said to get to the point where he did that, he did get crazy some. He is a high-energy, intense guy always.

I knew a guy who enlisted in the Navy after Vietnam because he wanted, he told me, "to get into the living quarters of community leaders in poor countries at night and slit their throats." I don't think that's how he put it at the time to himself.

So he enlisted and tested high and found that kind of work isn't what the Navy wants it's smartest to do.

He was in a computer room all the time on a ship. He had a weird Navy shift so his off time moved around the day because the shifts weren't designed to match twenty-four hours.

He didn't like it, any of it.

If being a Navy commando, he would have been out there in the general air and the general day and night and doing things he expected to involve courage and physical stealthiness smarts. The computer jig on a ship wasn't it.

He want to work room of the officer above him and said what he'd enlisted for and said he wanted out. He isn't burly, but he is really tall. He sat in the officer's room and really really wanted to be out of the Navy.

They let him out within a few days.

Again, previous strength of will seems indicated.