Thursday, January 12, 2012

Subway seems to be going the path of lots of locations. They've opened a Subway shop at 6th and Howard, with views of outdoor art.

Catty-corner across the intersection is the building with furniture which seems to be stopped in the middle of falling out of windows--actual furniture, actually attached to the building.

The first floor of the furniture fall building has much graffiti on the street level.

Straight across 6th from the Subway is the changing display of focussed, very good graffiti art on the side of the 1 a.m. Gallery. Each usually unified artwork on that wall stays a good little while, is replaced for a short while by shiny black paint, and then the shiny black is replaced by new graffiti art.

All of which would be something to look at while eating at Subway.

Depending on which way you walk to or from this corner, things can get crimey. Alertness is good. Coming along Howard is more common-sense like that coming up from 6th and Market, two blocks away, sometimes called the most crimed intersection in the city.