Monday, October 17, 2011

Sometimes the two-year-old can grow up and say no with really big words.

Two and three and four are ages to pick up language and culture without analyzing and memorizing, sopping it up. Sometimes the world changes, much later, and that kid, allegedly grown up, meets people who were absorbing some different assumptions at two, three, four.

The adult feels uncomfortable. The inner two-year-old may feel betrayed. "I learned it a different way when I could learn without conscious effort, and now the situation wants me to learn something basic and new. Foo. No!"

But the uncomfortable adult doesn't have to talk like that. We've got all these big, fancy words to say that the situation or people who are making us be uncomfortable because they are different than the scene we learned to fit into at two are really, basically, fundamentally wrong. So we don't have to learn big new things, or explore the vastness of our unknowing or difficult but things like that.