Sunday, September 25, 2011

The dog is pretty, a Scottie profile on the sidewalk with long, carefully brushed hair which is grey and improves the greys of the sidewalk and of the parking meter it's leashed to, alertly fully extending the leash but not straining on it, focused intently on the glass door of the small clothes store.

The mother and daughter are pretty, just inside the clothes store's door, mother in her late twenties, kneeling at the level of the daughter and the dog.

The daughter seems about as young as she could be and still make sense of the clothes store experience. She looks to be liking touching the textured fabric of a dress and being touched lightly on her shoulder by her mom.

The heart looks pretty, spray painted red on the outside wall of the store, under the big windows that look into the store, right above where the wall touches the sidewalk. The heart is dripping red from its heart shape which seems like not injury but a spreading desire to include everyone in.