Saturday, April 23, 2011

Appreciating the beauty of rowdiness and the rowdiness of beauty is part of San Francisco's task, so I thought the ongoing event announcement on the shiny postcard you couldn't write on because it was already full of words was a good fit.

The words included "LIVE MUSIC! Balkan Brass, Swamp Blues, Reggaeton, Klezmer Punk, Banjo Bangers, Junkyard Bands, Circus Crunk, Jug Jigs, Marching Bands, Circus Tunes.

"Every 4th Friday, Amnesia, Valencia at 20th, San Francisco.

"Baxtalo Drom The Lucky Road.

"Belly Dance. Burlesque.

"Fortunes told. Fortunes made.

"Get Lucky at the Lucky Road."