Wednesday, April 06, 2011

April fifth, and I see that the sign on the public toilet at Seventh and Market says "Vacant" and I push the button, and the robo-metal door opens. I walk in, and the little clever toilet hut smells like a barn, but not like that. It doesn't smell like mammal digestive process waste. It smells like fresh cut hay. Hay? In this built up, run down center of town, hay. I theorize: 1. Some chemical someone brought in and dropped a little of, maybe unknowingly, combined with one of the chemicals used when the robo toilet hut cleans itself after every use to create a chemical combination like that that makes the smell of hay. 2. Spring itself, magically and powerfully personified, willed a bit of country to visit the city and surprise someone. 3. Someone who works with hay (there are stables in San Francisco, though not right here) really wallowed in hay and soon after used this toilet. Or someone cleared a overgrown city place and left the grass to dry not rot and picked it up and smelled like hay, since hey is dried grass, and soon after used this toilet. 4. This clever toilet is basically French and the French bring style to occasions those of other nationalities muddle through. The French stylishly, and they are also good at scents, designed the smart hut so it emits surprising and pleasant smells at intervals, to go with the fact that these smart toilets act as there own bidets and smell of mammal waste far less than other toilets, especially other outdoor one holers. Howsoever it happened, it deroutinized my brain pleasantly, a good Spring thing to do.