Thursday, October 21, 2010

You can think the way you think.

You can think the way you think in the midst of people who look to be really not thinking that way.

You don't have to shut yourself up inside your own head. You can just go ahead and think the way you think.

This might lead to saying, acting, or might not.

But you deserve the comfort of finishing your trails inside yourself.

Someday, some thought you might know it's time to say, and say it. In the crowd of people so clearly not thinking that way, there might be:

Someone who does think that way, and feels suddenly stronger.

Someone who doesn't think that way, but does think non-standardly, and now can get on with it deeper.

We tend to meet each other in over-simplification. We over-simplify who we appear to be, and the person we're meeting does. Many complications are missing.

If you let some complication, thought you've thought about much out, our public space can get more complicated, more accurately like complicated like, and safer.