Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A flower born from fire.
--Loretta Hui-shan Yang

"A flower born from fire"--I thought of you.

Loretta Hui-shan Yang is an award-winning actress and an artist in glass whose work has been exhibited in many museums.

Some of her work is being exhibited at Liuli, the glass art gallery in San Francisco, in an exhibit called "Fire.Silence." The brochure for the exhibit includes this:

Silence Within Fire

A fire burns within,
Sweat dances across flickering flame,
Life illuminated by will power,
A flower born from flame


--Loretta Hui-shan Yang

If you were to take a break at Yerba Buena Gardens, the park on Mission Street, and if you looked across Mission and saw the broad walkway that runs between St. Patrick's Church and the Contemporary Jewish Museum on one side and the Marriot Hotel on the other side, and if you crossed Mission and walked down the walkway, a little more than halfway down the walkway, just past the Museum of Craft and Folk Art with its current exhibit, "Volver: Mexican Folk Art into Play," you'd find Liuli Glass Art on your left, in the Marriot Hotel building but feeling smaller, making its own fire and silence space.

www.liuli.com 37 Yerba Buena Lane 415 979 9588