Tuesday, September 02, 2008

*Last day of the month, a Sunday. Moving day in a city of renters.

Sometimes people moving leave the last bits of what they don't want to take with them strew on the sidewalk, as gifts to the neighbors, if neighbors want any of it, or as trash.

Walking along, I don't want the kitchenware, and I don't want the empty colored pencil box, but I notice an artwork that I don't exactly like, but I think it's good.

Now it's mine, or in my possesion. It's unsigned.

It's a watercolor collage combination.

I often don't like collages to look at because they try to do too much. (Collages are fun to make, regardless of outcome, which probably helps them be too busy.)

Watercolors can be uninteresting by doing too little.

This water color with some cut-outs from magazines pasted on it causes me to know something new.

My mild discomfort with the knowing it brings might mean that this knowing is just what I need.