Saturday, August 30, 2008

*When we met, the fairly unqualified Harriet Miers was being considered for the Supreme Court.Now the massively unqualified Sarah Palin has been chosen to run for vice president. It's hard to explain why I consider that romantic, a kind of anniversary.

The set of all women who are qualified for their jobs and who are doing them well is larger than the set of all women who are thrown at a job because "You want a woman? Here's one."

The reason I remember the Harriet Miers connectin is I thought at the time you'd be goood for the Supreme Court sometime, if you could stand such a papery job.

A term I've learned from the focus on Sarah Palin is "unfair chase."

Voters in Alaska have voted twice to make hunting wolves from airplanes illegal. The legislature and Governor Sarah Palin have over ruled them.

Some of the qualified women doing their jobs well are lessening the occasions of unfair chase.