Thursday, March 06, 2008

In this time and place, when little children, kids under five play, the girls tend to make relationship noise, like talking to the toys and causing the toys to talk to each other and talking to humans they are playing with. The boys tend to make action noise, like running toy cars into each other and making sound to go with that or knocking over a block building they've built and making sounds to go with that.

A prestigious and expensive part of physics at this time and place involves running small things into each other so they break into even smaller things.

I am susupicious about spending much public money on something that seems to live out the small boy drive to run things into each other into another realm.

A history of science I'm reading records both the history of science by intellectuals and the accompanying craft traditions where people where using scientific laws to make things for trade. They didn't think of formulating the laws they knew well intellectually.

Progress in science went faster when the intellectual scientists and the craft tradition people had some kind of contact. They often didn't for class sneer reasons.

I wonder about the hidden craft tradition of keeping the whole thing going. The naturalist Ed Ricketts said that if you look at people as a species it looks like the species has a species characteristic of going to war. This species has it built in to periodically turn on itself and kill many members of the same species.

The will to destroy and the increasing cleverness to create means to destroy is discouraging.

There seem to be some other species characteristics that keep this species from destroying itself, from tearing down every city, from burning every farm.

I think part of that is an open secret cract tradition of keeping going. You know part of it. To the extnt that you can and do act on it, thanks.

I don't know if codifying it would help. Codifying kills some things.

I am drawn to saying lets spend the money it takes to build a linear accelerator on this. But I don't know what this is. I do know that pouring a lot of money on something tends to make it more like the loudest, most obvious parts of the existing culture--things there are already too much of.

But there may be other ways to go with it that we weren't able to do before when so many of us we stomped on and shut up because of some category we were in. Not that some of us are less stomped on and shut up, they might be more things possible in living out the craft tradtion of not killing everything.