Monday, March 03, 2008

That look. "When good war movies are listed, "Two Women" is not on the list. It is wisely known to be a good movie, and it takes place during World War II, but when people are talking about war movies, they don't talk about it.

No combat, I guess. When two guys in uniform rape a woman and her 11 year old daughter is that combat? Such things in the area of combat are not rare.

Renata Adler wrote that it is not possible to make an anti-war movie because film always says yes. Whatever context of words and ideas has been created around the fighting, when the fighting starts the camera and the audience says "Yes" said Renata Adler.

"Two Women" doesn't get into detail about the rape. The character Sophia Loren plays is knocked out for the rape. When she becomes conscious, she and her daughter are lying down on the dirt floor. She looks over at her daughter and realizes that her daughter has been raped and her daughter was conscious for the experience. She looks at her daughter.

That look says no.

At this moment my country can start wars at will. The period of getting the public in the mood to do this is giddy and odd.

During the 1991 war on Iraq, the short one, I was talking to a friend I often talked to in the coffee shop. We often talked. She hadn't told me before that she had helped with returned World War II soldiers in the VA hospital who wree really messed up right after the war. I hadn't realized before that "basket case" is a term for someone with no arms and no legs. During the 2000's war on Iraq, the long one going on now, I read about a man with one leg who had false arms and a legs so he can move around. He looks to be in good shape, actually--he clearly works out.

Then they just laid. She didn't talk much about them or her time with them. She got a version of that look and looked out the window.