Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Some seeds are surrounded and protected by other parts of the plant.

Peach seeds are surrounded by peach; grapevine seeds wear grape. Corn seeds are held by husks.

Plants where the seeds are surrounded by another part of the plant
are called angiosperms.

Sperm is from the Greek word for seed. Angio- is from the Greek for vessel. These seeds start out inside vessels.

Pine tree seeds are not contained in that way. They are lying there down inside the pine cone slots, upen to the air. Hidden, but naked.

Plants with seeds open to the air are called symnosperms. Gymno- is from the Greek word for naked. Like gymnasium, where men in ancient Greek did sports naked. When pine seeds are ripe, if a wind or a human shakes the cone briskly, they fall out.

I am becoming more held. There is, more and more, much sweetness between me and the air, a new form of life.