Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's not that women are smarter.

Women may be, in certain ways, less stupid.

If so, we are obliged to make the less dumbness we have more effective.

Some guys are excellent at making a wide variety of situations into struggles for territory. Sometimes it is an actual game. Sometimes it seems like a game. Sometimes it seems like escapism. Escape from actual problems that might actually be solved, from wounds that might be helped to healing.

But when that stuggle for territory thing happens, intense and unstructured, we know from experience that people might be killed. We repress the inner "This is silly."

It is possible that women might average out a little less interested in establishing whose territory this is and a little more interested in having the place where we all are able to support life.

Somehow entering the mental ground water to prevent events like actual groundwater being pumped till it is salty and useless or until it is gone.