Saturday, September 22, 2007

If Hannah could start her own sequence, what would it be?

She and her husband couldn't have a kid. She promised to give the kid to God if she had one.

She had a kid, Samuel. Gave him to priest Eli to raise, thereby avoiding childcare. (The Bible doesn't say that about avoiding childcare.)

The kid was Samuel, who became an important wise leader. When his people wanted a king because all the peoples around had a king, he didn't like it, but went along.

The people chose Saul to be king because he was tallest. He was about the king a person chosen that way would be--mixed.

Seceded by civil war and by David.

Led to all the kings on and on in the Bible in Hebrew.

On and on.

What would Hannah's on and on be if she were free? If she and her imagination were free.

I read once a book based on interviews with women scientists with lots of quotes from the interviews.

Several of the scientists agreed that if women had been in on science from the beginning the questions asked would be partly different. Several agreed that if women were bigger in science now, the questions would be different.

It was clear they as individuals had no time to ask what the different questions would be. And of course, they were very trained in the old questions and the old way of arriving at questions.

Science can be beautiful, among other things. Hannah means "full of grace and beauty." There are missing practical, grounded graces and beauties that we may be at the mid-beginning of finding.