Sunday, December 03, 2006

Magna Carta, the Great Charter, was signed, the king under pressure, in 1215.

So we've got from here about nine years to plan the 800 year party which might be called Saying No to the King and Those Who Want to be Kingly in a Bad Way. It could celebrate the whole series of pieces of paper backed up by people's practice that say to the king and those who want to be kingly in a bad way, "You can't just go ahead and do whatever you want. There are rules, and there are we the people watching, and wisely not trusting."

It would have scary stories. It would have the scary stories aspiring bad kings tell to get more power. It would have times when the people fell for the stories for a while--very scary. And times when people got over falling for the scary story. And times when we didn't fall for the scary story at all.