Thursday, November 30, 2006

Mundaneness lurks. Art helps.

One thing that happens with the again and again of staying alive in a fairly stable situation is boredom. One thing that helps with that is being able to know more and more of what you know, and being able to communicate with someone what you really know, and not the blah-blah of consensus reality, that works and leave out much, including many people's hearts.

Being able to communicate what you really know can come out as art and help others know what they know and breathe deeply at the same time. Being able to communicate you really know can also leave know evident traces beyond the communication of the moment.

That communication can make the people involved feel better. It can also help the air below the air. The intangible shared space we live in, where what you know feels possible or feels like it's the wrong shape and size. Communicating in any form the true inside you knowing improves the shared reality for everyone, whether there is any five senses record of the communication or not.

Intangible means not feelable by people who limit themselves to the five consensus senses. Even people who do limit themselves in that way can feel pushed in from all sides or freed by brave and beautiful communications happening intangibly. We are always building the heart of the world.