Monday, August 21, 2006

You could pick a fight this way. You could also pick a fight that way. And there's another way you could pick a fight. The research in this area seems endless. Scenario creators employed by governments do this. Lots of people do it. How could I resolve the situation into a fight--a familiar genre where I live--and make it look like it's not my fault.

How to do more research in the other directions? The other directions which I don't even know what are.

It's not: Don't pick a fight and eat injustice. That's not it. Never change. Sit and stagnate. That's not a good no-fight path either.

It's something else, like a scent that brings back a memory of something that didn't happen in your life time. A nourishing perfume from a less fiesty future. To smell it and know how to go with it and help it--we don't know how.

Got to keep guessing. Keep spending time on long slow guesses that look much less important than the fight of the day.