Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What is the melting temperature of fear? What is the amount of warmth around a person sufficient to make the fear go away, change form, be no longer a wall?

How to be wise about when that might be a good thing, less wall? How to be not misled just because there is warmth sufficient? Warmth sufficient doesn't always mean safety. How to know?

To have a smart heart is good. It is not automatic.

When the Berlin Wall existed, a German wrote a novel about a man who leaped the Berlin Wall the other way, from west to east, from shiny to grey, from free in daily ways to less free. "The Wall Jumper" (1983) by Peter Schneider is not only an interesting idea but a good read and a tiny but real part of causing the fall of the Wall six year after it came out.

To do something unexpected with a wall is a high calling. To do something unexpected and wise with a wall is an even higher calling.