Friday, July 07, 2006

Someone in the House who is being particularly nasty about immigrants is from Germantown, Wisconsin.

I spent my high school time in Germantown, Ohio. It was partly named after the Battle of Germantown, Pennsylvania, in which the brother of the founder of Germantown, Ohio, died.

It was also named after the fact that the people who founded Germantown, Ohio, were German. The leader, the guy counted as founder, Philip Gunkel, was counted leader partly because he was the only person among the 25 families that started Germantown, Ohio, who spoke English. Obla-di, obla-dah, life went on. When I lived there some people had names like Grossnickel and no one spoke German.

When I lived in Cincinnati, earlier in my childhood, some of the old people talking on porches spoke German, but who care? They were so patriotic vis a vis the USA, which current immigrants are and would be more if the Republicans didn't keep insulting folks.